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Be Careful of Them.

Published by on November 30th, 2020.

Proverb 6: 24-26
Women are precious creatures of God, created for a unique purpose. All things created by God are for good purposes but one must be careful so non of these become a stumbling block. Looking at the Bible, we find out that by not being careful around women, many great men had lost their place in destiny so you need be careful, very careful. That doesn’t mean that women also don’t need to be careful of men but the emphasy here is on men . Women need to, especially when it comes to formication and adultery. The prescription of the Bible is, flee and when it stated flee, you need flee when it comes to it, starting from the thought of it to the main action, don’t allow anything at all to hold you there, lest you become a victim. Let’s look at some who were not careful with their relationship with women and hurt their life.

  1. Samson. (Judges 16: 18-20)
    Samson delighted in strange women. He delighted to marry in the places God had instructed them not to marry. This led him to Delilah who was used as a bait to get him. Delilah is a woman born and bred in the land of his enemy. He was not careful to disclose his secret until he let the cat out of the bag and he was made a prey. One who had been a conqueror perished with his enemy.
  2. David( 2samuel 11:2-4)
    David could not take his eyes from Bathsheba. He would have flee but chose to lay with her, in other to cover his sin, he killed Uriah. This led to God bringing him under a heavy consequence. He said, “sword shall not depart from his house.” We saw in the scriptures how his son defiled his daughter, another son defiled his concubines in front of the people, his sons killed one another, one of his sons rose up against him and seized the kingdom from him and sought his life by going into battle against him.
  3. Solomon (2kings 11: 1-4)
    Solomon loved many strange women and as he he grew old and weak, they turned his heart against the Lord. His heart was no longer perfect with Lord as his father David. This made the Lord to take major part of the kingdom from him.
  4. Ahab (1king 21:25)
    It was said of Ahab that his wife stirred him to do evil. May be if his wife had been on the Lord’s side, she might have stir him to turn from the wickedness and serve the lord. She was the one who planned the death of Naboth and gave the garden to Ahab, this brought a great destruction upon his house.
  5. This write up did not mean to say that there is no good thing about women, it mean to say that one should be careful so they don’t become a snare to you. Their purpose is to be helpers to men not destroyer but with the knowledge of evil and good life can become a pain if men allow the bad ones among them to get the best of one. Be most careful. Pray and watch in dealing women and so men.



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